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aura is a comprehensive and gender-neutral beauty brand that aims to offer customers with all various life styles a simple and portable make-up experenice that customers can enjoy and play with their aura’s products anytime, and anywhere they go.

Instead of overwhelming people with all kinds of beauty products in their bedrooms or hotel dressing table, aura will promote the capsule make-up experience for people.

Besides letting make-up becomes an easy and playful daily routine, aura also believes the sample sized products will reduce wasted or over-consumed.

aura focuses on inventing various mini-sized beauty products that are natural, playful, and convenient. 

aura 是一个全面的美容品牌,旨在为各种生活方式的客户提供简单便携的化妆体验,客户可以随时随地享受和玩耍 aura 的产品。与其在卧室或酒店的梳妆台上摆满各种美妆产品,aura 将提供人们便捷胶囊彩妆体验。除了让化妆成为轻松有趣的日常之外,aura 还相信小包装产品将减少浪费或过度消费。 aura 专注于设计各种自然、有趣和方便的迷你美容产品。

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