exhbition design

A workshop product aims at reviving a past exhibition of MoMA. Workspheres examines the balance between work and life, and the important role designers play in devising effective solutions for our ever-changing work paradigms. The concepts bring to life realistic visions of the near future and range in size and type from entire working environments to computer interfaces and personal accessories.

一个workshop项目旨在重新设计 MoMA 过去的展览。 Workspheres 考察了工作与生活之间的平衡,以及设计师在为我们不断变化的工作范式设计有效解决方案方面发挥的重要作用。这些概念带来了对不久的将来的现实愿景,从整个工作环境到计算机界面和个人配件的大小和类型范围。

Exhibition Wall Design |展墙设计

Spread Design |杂志页设计

Instagram Post Design |ins页设计