Trident Brandshift

visual identity | package design

Brandshift for Trident aims to provide the audience relaxation, refreshing, and joyfulness. During the pandemic, Trident is introduced as a stress-releasing snack that helps the anxious generation escape the ongoing pressure. Chewing that anxiety away and gaining inner fulfillment and peace. Rebuilding an easeful connection with self and the outside world.

Trident 的 Brandshift 旨在为观众提供放松、清新和快乐。在疫情流行时代,Trident作为一种缓解压力的零食被引入,帮助焦虑的一代摆脱持续的压力。消除焦虑,获得内心的满足与平静。重建与自我和外部世界的轻松联系。


Visual Elements|视觉元素

Package Design|包装设计