Umpqua Oats


Umpqua oats is an oatmeal brand based in America. “Umpqua (ump + kwah)” is a green valley known for the umpqua river and the umpqua tribe of Indians in Southern Oregon. It is also a native American word originally meaning “a satisfied stomach” The instant oatmeal with fruits and nuts is their main product.

Umpqua oats promises to provide the best chew quality of their oats, believes in an honest meal and offers real dried fruits and nuts to the customers.

“All-embracing” is the core theme of the rebranding design strategy. All-embracing promises the customers from diverse culture backgrounds a breakfast culture that caters to their youthful lifestyles through a cup of oatmeal that embraces various nutrition and tastes to fulfill consumers with all kinds of energy to achieve their goals in lives:

“Love what they love, and live the way they want”;
“All-embracing” nutrition and tastes;
“All-embracing” goals and wishes
Umpqua oats是美国的一个燕麦品牌。“Umpqua (ump + kwah)”是一个绿色的山谷,因Umpqua河和俄勒冈州南部的印第安部落而闻名。它也是一个美洲土著词,原意是“饱腹”,含有水果和坚果的速溶燕麦片是他们的主要产品。




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