Okie Doggie


Okie Doggie is a lifestyle brand focusing on installing a nature-friendly street vending machine system offers dog walking accessories (organic and vegan dog food, water, eco-friendly elephant poop made paper products and emergency service for doggies on streets). Another branch of the brand provides a home delivery option on our online website for our customers to purchase and subscribe.

Okie Doggie是一个生活方式品牌,专注于安装一个自然友好的街道自动售货机系统,提供遛狗的配件(有机和纯素食的狗食、水、环保的大象粪便纸制品和为街道上的狗狗提供的紧急服务)。该品牌的另一个分支机构在我们的在线网站上提供送货上门的选择,供我们的客户购买和订阅。

Okie Doggie provides New York City residents with the most convenient and sustainable way of life with their dog buddies than any other lifestyle brands. We do this by operating eco-friendly street dog walking accessories vending machines system and online shopping websites, selling 100% biodegradable and recyclable materials made products, and inspiring more people to start caring about the environment and spend more time with their doggies.

Okie Doggie为纽约居民提供了比其他任何生活方式品牌都更方便、更可持续的遛狗方式。我们通过运行环保的遛狗配件自动售货机系统和网上购物网站,销售100%可生物降解和可回收材料制成的产品,鼓励更多的人开始关心环境,花更多的时间陪伴他们的狗狗。

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