mobile design

STA 100 2021, Winner

Collecting sound opens a new dimension to travel, which allows travelers to perceive and capture any precious moment in a new way. MORII is a system to capture that fleeting sound experience. Using MORII, travelers can create various visual images of sound recordings and their collected heartbeat responses. Further, travelers can choose to create unique music composed of their ambient sounds and physical response by converting frequency into notes and heartbeat into rhythms. MORII will also visualize audio, heart rate, and other ambient information to print souvenir portraits that can be a physical catalog for the digital souvenir collection.

This project is created in Figma, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, and Lightroom.

diagram | 图解

visual elements analysis | 视觉元素分析

UX preview | 交互预览

Final Outcome |最终产出