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visual identity 

Grown Here is an urban farming branding project that aims to retrofit a non functioning shopping center for an Urban Farm. For the site choice, I chose my hometown, Zhengzhou. Zhengzhou is the capital city of Henan province which is known for its agricultural industry. Urban farm remains a type of conceptual idea in China. The idea of introducing new technologies to improve people’s awareness of sustainability is quite significant in recent years.

生于斯(Grown Here) combines shopping, dining, education, planting and the like. People will experience the growing, processing, and selling of crops. In 生 于斯(Grown Here), people can expand their knowledge and seek inspiration here, and grow with agricultural products. In 生于斯(Grown Here), people and plants will grow up together.


“生于斯“ 集购物、餐饮、教育、种植等为一体。人们将体验农作物的种植、加工和销售。人们可以在这里扩展知识,寻找灵感,与农产品一起生长。在这里,人与植物将共同成长。

research & site choice | 前期调研 & 选址 

departments plan| 部门规划

floor plan | 平面图

visual memonics | 视觉元素推演

visual elements | 视觉元素

map | 地图

applications | 模拟应用