book design

This accordion book indicates six different stages of my life, which could also be divided into past, present, and future and connected with my experience abroad. As I grew older, I began to wake up to the impact of my surroundings on my personal development. This project intends to visualize my dynamic thoughts, ideas, and reflections on different age stages. How did my mental and physical parts react with those changes in my surroundings?


I regarded my self-consciousness development as a process of building a city. From birth to adolescence, my sense grew out of reliance and trust on my parents and friends. The protection, encouragement, and love from those people made me brave enough to build a city of my thoughts and feelings in my mind. At the same time, my
confidence becomes increasingly strong. Suddenly, the role of the teacher changed my perception of myself. In my rebellious youth period, education was as an ideological operation. Without my permission, “correct” thoughts and “useful” knowledge was injected into my mind, all of my rebellion and ignorance was cut out, and a vast snack was sent to destroy my city. My absolute narcissism turned into crippling self-doubt. I chained myself.


After I came to a foreign country and experienced a different cultural background, the curiosity of unknowns released myself from the chains. I reopened my mind and went on a path of retrieval of my self-consciousness and selfesteem. I decided to embrace all of the present challenges and opportunities, although my futurereminds unknown.

For this accordion book, I wrote a short poem first and designed various layouts to reflect the contents. To visualize the poem, I collaged the photos I took, paint textures I made, and  illustrations I drew.