mobile design

Owning fewer, practical and high-quality pieces of clothing that will last years instead of months will help people achieve their efficient and sustainable lifestyles.

CAPSULA is a mobile app created to guide the users to build and manage their seasonal capsule wardrobe, generate their daily outfits, preschedule their outfits, and ultimately find their unique clothing styles.



question research | 找寻问题

interviews & result| 街头采访与结果

mind map + research | 思维导图 + 前期调研

target user | 目标用户

New York City residents around 20 - 30 years old who have a hard time to arrange and match their clothes. The concept, capsule wardrobe will help them minimize the number of clothes that they need for every season and occasion. The design will help these people to efficiently and merely generate clothes matching options with their clothes, systematically build a sustainable and minimal wardrobe for every user

steps brief | 基本环节推演

4 featured steps| 4个主要步骤

3 prototype drafts | 模型草图

flow chart | 线框图

low fidelity prototype | 低保真原型

  visual elements | 视觉元素

mock up | 效果图

high fidelity prototype | 高保真原型

UX preview | 交互预览