A Letter from Italy

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Rustichella d ‘Abruzzo is a traditional Italian food brand. High-quality and organic are what the brand has always emphasized. However, the brand’s visual system is outdated, the layout design suffers from hierarchy problems, and the packaging materials and design are inefficient, so the brand cannot stand out in the Italian food market.

Designing a unified, integrated, practical, and unique visual system for Rustichella d 'Abruzzo would make the brand more competitive in today's food market.

Rustichella d ' Abruzzo是意大利传统食品品牌。高质量和有机是该品牌一直强调的。但是品牌的视觉系统过时,布局设计存在层次性问题,包装材料和设计效率低下,无法在意大利食品市场脱颖而出。

为Rustichella d’Abruzzo设计一个统一、集成、实用、独特的视觉系统,对该品牌进行品牌重塑,将使该品牌在当今的食品市场更具竞争力。

brand book| 品牌手册


My rebranding direction is called, “A Letter from Italy”. It means to give the feel that the product is Italian made and “mailed” to the customers. For the Italian customers, a “letter” from Italy will remind them of the authentic tastes of the traditional Italian food and bring them back to the old memories they have created with their motherland. For the foreigner customers, a “letter” from Italian is a visual and gustatory tour of Italy. A tasty gift from a friendly country


Rebranding “Rustichella D’ Abruzzo” intends to connect customers around the world with Italian food and culture. Visualize a connection between the brand’s product line and Italian culture. Using soft and earthy color palettes that embrace the fundamental values of the brand

key values:
Love, Peace, and Joy

“Rustichella D’Abruzzo”的品牌重塑旨在将世界各地的顾客与意大利美食和文化联系起来。将品牌的产品线与意大利文化形象化。使用柔软和质朴的调色板,体现品牌核心价值:


visual elements | 视觉元素

primary & secondary logo | 主与副 logo

illustrations | 插画

graphic drafts | 平面稿

package design & models | 包装设计与模型